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Bridge Articles

The Bridge World, a monthly magazine edited by Jeff Rubens, is one of the world's leading bridge periodicals. I have contributed several articles to it.

The McCabe Adjunct January 1970
The Negative Redouble November 1975
The Congratulatory Jack December 1979
Benito's Secret June 1993
Major Problems June 1996
Damned if You Do February 1997
Avoiding the Midnight Oil June 2000
Son of Defense at Trick One July 2010
Leading Second-Longest and Weakest July 2012
Double Feature                          August 2014

 (The Bridge World edited Double Feature heavily. I prefer my original version.)

However March 2015
Desperate Times June 2015
The Silicon Solution October 2015
Extra Chances for Both Sides August 2016
Highball/Lowball October 2016
Advanced Idiot Coups November 2016
The Swanson Solvers' Club December 2016
Taking a Detour February 2017
Improvisation August 2017
Senior Swiss Match
October 2017
Responses in the Time of Weak-Two Madness
December 2017
The Castigatory Ace
March 2018
Dumb Doubles
May 2018
Misdefending Old Men
August 2018
Superiority, in Spades
September 2018
Almost All Roads Lead to Rome
December 2018
Aces Behind Kings
April 2019
Anyone Can Be a Hero
June 2019
Say It Ain't So
October 2019
November 2019
Raffle Swiss
June 2020
A True Swiss Match
September 2020
Mundane: A Bridge Movie
November 2020
The Joys of Marital Swiss
April 2021
The Swiss Against the World
October 2021
November 2021
Paper Swiss
February 2022
The Critical Moment
April 2022
Beach Blanket Swiss
June 2022
Covering the Bases
September 2022
Revenge Swiss
November 2022
Cotton Swiss
March 2023
Reunion Swiss
May 2023
Not the Only Game in Town
Swiss Wheel
A True Gambit
The Good Shepherd
More Critical Moments
Changing Times
Alma Mater Swiss
Still More Critical Moments

During the 1980's and 1990's, I regularly contributed articles to the now-defunct British magazine, International Popular Bridge Monthly. There is no truth to the rumour that IPBM died because they published my articles.

Do You Overrule? June 1984
Thanks, Geza May 1985
To Capture Kings June 1985
Getting Shown Up November 1985
The Slow Lane July 1984
The Bitter Taste of Success April 1985
Not Just a Guess December 1985
The Wolves Visit the Slow Lane June 1986
The Valley Vultures Visit the Slow Lane August 1986
Slow Lane Mathematics October 1986
International Competition in the Slow Lane April 1987
Major Problems in the Slow Lane January 1987
A Quiz for Listeners May 1988
Hot Seat Quiz July/August 1988
Anticipation August 1989
Jude the Obscure November 1989
Jude Goes for the Matchpoints September 1990
Securing One's Entitlement May 1991
What Now My Love July 1991
Jude's Excellent Adventures March 1992
Jude Visits the Slow Lane August 1992
A Respectful Suit Combination June 1993
The Local University Visits the Slow Lane February 1994
The Slow Lane Awards for Outstanding Achievement July 1994
A Quiz for Generals February 1995
Jude's Adventures of the Red Carbuncle June 1997
Tricks, Shticks July 1997
The Fine Art of the Finesse October 1997
Jude Reads IPBM Submitted after IPBM ceased publication


I spent a sabbatical leave at Sydney University in 1986, and that exposed me to Australian Bridge, and vice versa.

Countering the Multi August 1987
Defence against two-suited overcalls February 1989
Point Counter Point June 1990
To Return or Not to Return - That is the Question February 1991
The Fairest Flower April 1991
The Mini Experiment October 1994
Endplays With a Twist February 1996