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I have available for test and purchase two WORD add-ins that serve specialized audiences of which I am a member. 

APA-style Citation Checker (and Converter) is for careful writers and editors of psychology papers and books who want to make sure that the citations and references in their manuscripts match correctly. Version 3.0 added the conversion module, which makes it easy to change from APA-style to other styles. With Version 6.0, the program became available for the Mac as well as for Windows.

The Bridge Author's Template offers considerable convenience to someone writing an article about the game of contract bridge. Version 3.0 of the template introduced the ability to import BBO .lin files.

I wrote a bridge book using the template, published by Squeeze Books and available for purchase. I am rather proud that it may be the only bridge book unmarred by typographical errors (I owe this uncharacteristic precision to the template).  Some of my bridge articles are also available via this portal.

I have also written a textbook on Analysis of Variance published by Oxford University Press. The text is accompanied by the CALSTAT suite of computer programs, which in my humble opinion constitute the best and easiest-to use software for analysis of variance. The text also features the only elementary treatment of Functional Measurement, a methodology pioneered by Norman H. Anderson. The suite also includes a computer program for functional measurement analysis.

My spouse, Jie W. Weiss, and I co-edited A Science of Decision Making: The Legacy of Ward Edwards, also published by Oxford University Press. The volume contains papers written by the late Professor Edwards, a dear friend who is known as the father of decision making research. All of my books may be purchased via my author page at Amazon.com.

I developed a new analysis of "variance" for nominal data. It allows for factorial analyses of experiments in which the responses are not numerical. Julia Pounds suggested the acronym Nanova, which I have adopted as the official name for the new technique. A WINDOWS computer program and a paper that describes the theory underlying the analysis are available without charge.

In my real job as a professor, I wrote psychology papers, primarily in the field of judgment/decision making, and continue these efforts now that I have formally retired. These papers have appeared in journals and books. Recently my work has featured a novel approach to assessing expert performance objectively. Here is a link to my publications, many of which are available for free download. 

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